Q-Course Quality & Organization
Q-Course Quality & Organization

Does your company lack experience in Quality, in setting up the proper test strategy, setting up testing environments, defining test cases, using the proper tools, organizing the development project, setting up a proper Quality Organization? Q-Course has the experience.

Q-Course will show you how to implement Quality yourself. First we advise you to buy the Q-Course Quality & Organization book, that is available in 2 formats: with white paper and with creamy paper. The Content is exactly the same in both versions. The creamy version is also available on Amazon.com.

Currently in Germany it is possible to do a Q-Course Foundation Course including an exam that is a state approved part of recognized vocational and higher education programs in IT. The course is developed by edditrex ltd., a German company specialized in education. The course is currently being presented at the Saxon University of Cooperative Education of Dresden and the University of Cooperative Education of Gera as well as at the Academy for Information and Communication Design gGmbH Dresden. Also in the UK and the US an increasing interest in the Q-Course is obvious.

We are currently working on the new Q-Course Practitioner Course including an exam that is the second level in Q-Course Training. The third and highest level is the Certified Q-Course Trainer. All Q-Courses are based on the book, that is written in english language. Q-Course participants need to train their language skills as well as to learn about Testing and Quality. 

  The book consists of the following parts:
  • Quality in The Development Process
  • Quality in the Organization
  • The Structured Testing Process
  • Change Processes in the Organization

In the first two chapters all the relevant quality standards and methodologies are described: CMM, CMMI, Prince2, ITIL, PMMM, P-CMM, TQM, ISO9001, CobiT and others. In the third chapter important testing standards plus a very effective Structured Testing Process is presented. By clever modelling of the test cases you will get a complete test set that is easy to modify and very effective in combination with tools.

In the Q-Course Foundation as well as in the book you will learn the basics of the Q-Course. You will learn how to make optimal use of Men, Means and Methods that you need for an optimal continuous development process (Analyse-Realise-Test) to achieve the optimal ratio of Quality-Time-Cost. The focus will be on efficiency, effectiveness and balance in the development triangle: The keys to success.
The chapter "Change Processes in the Organization" is the cream on the pie. It is really good for process modelling. The models that are described can be used to evaluate any Organization and they are therefore excellent tools for managers and consultants.